Schallmauer. 2011

Sonic Wall – Traces of the Unspoken The sonic wall is a room installation consisting of 2 wallpapered and whitened walls with a total of 6 x 2.30 m resonance area, which blends unobtrusively into the actual room.

It is a 5-channel sound body, which allows a haptic perception of sound. While leaning against the wall, the body of the visitor percepts sound waves as a tangible experience. The room installation is particularly designed for low frequency ranges between 40 Hz and 60 Hz, the self-resonant range of the sonic wall.

It derived from a composition idea by the artist about the reverb of unspoken words. The piece “Traces of the unspoken” is based on eld recordings taken of the moment, when a person prepares to speak, but doesn ́t nally speak out loud. This unspoken words leave a trace, a reverb, which manifest in the wall as a strong vibration.

The room installation was also open to composers, who wanted to work conceptionally with the facilities of this situation. Daniel Lercher, Matija Schellander, Angelica Castello, Ye Hui, Kaoko Amano, Katrin Hauk, Ste Neuhuber, Gobi Drab, Veronika Mayer, Michael Zacherl und Onur Dülgur wrote pieces for the sonic wall.