FS* 3 13.07. 2020

a show on: echoraeume.klingt.org mit:
Golden Disko Ship - music
Ettijah - music
Eva Geber - text
Heide Pichler - objects


Past events

FS* 2, 30.05. 2020
>>>>> hier zum nachschauen mit:
Sabine Marte - performance
Medeas Töchter - word!
Patrik Catuz, Ida N. Knowityet

FS* 1 29. 04. 2020
>>>>> hier zum nachschauen
Reni Hofmüller - music
Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe - performance
Verena Dürr - digital poetry
Verena Mayrhofer, Hui Ye, Heide Hammer, Lale Rodgarkia Dara.

Rockin' and Rollin' Theory !

In our program we take a closer look at the term "feminism" in today's world - and we invite clever and interesting people from music, performance and theory for a joint search.

Viewpoints could and should be controversial and contradictory - after all, we speak about a term that has developed, changed and modified for years and is in a constant progress! Therefor we think it as plural and we hope for exciting joint discussions in text chat and video rooms!